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3 Benefits of Structural Steel in Making Residential Homes

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Steel is the best construction material for many reasons. The metal is versatile, strong, and durable. These qualities are why builders include them in every stage of the construction process. You can use it to frame the floor joists, strengthen the walls and frame the roof. Steel beams come in different dimensions, which makes them suitable for different stages of the construction process. These are the top four reasons to use structural steel in residential construction.

Long Life and High Tensile Strength

Steel is sturdier than wood and other alternative materials used in construction. It combines durability and strength to create structures that withstand water, sunshine and all other elements. It also has a great load-bearing capacity, which means you can construct buildings without intermediary columns. One steel beam will support an expansive part of the building, leaving you with few columns or beams and more open spaces. It also allows the architect to experiment with different styles during construction. Steel also bends to a certain radius, which makes it the perfect support material for arches, domes, and facades.

User-Friendliness and Accessibility

The construction industry has undergone massive changes in the past few decades. The function of a building changes significantly depending on the needs of the tenant. They might want to adjust it and affect the floor load. They could also want to reposition the walls to achieve a new interior layout. These changes are easily achievable when you have residential beams in the design process. The steel frames and flooring systems simplify the process of modifying the existing design without compromising the structural integrity of the construction. It is possible to make non-composite beams fuse with the floor slab already in place. The contractor will also use cover plates to bring together a stable construction.

Construction Efficiency

Steel is a simple construction material to assemble. You can have the components joined off the site and later join them. The pre-fabrication means they need a minimum of human resources on the construction site. Steel is lighter than other construction materials and creates small and simple foundations. The construction process will be most efficient using steel.

These are some top reasons to use steel in the construction process. Talk to a trusted steel beam supplier before starting your construction project. Explain what you would like to create or modify. They will assess your building design and help fabricate beams to support your structure for decades.