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Pest Control and Carpet Cleaning

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Did you know that cleaning your carpet is about much more than maintaining its aesthetic? It's also an important part of pest control. When certain pests have the opportunity to infiltrate your home, your carpet is an ideal place for them to nest. If you're worried about pests, it may help to learn more about the ones that commonly infect carpets and how carpet cleaning can help.


With regular treatments, your pets shouldn't encounter fleas. However, accidents do happen and when they bring fleas into your home they may shed the eggs onto your carpet. Flea larvae tend to thrive in carpets, as carpets are home to dead skin and other sources of sustenance. When using a carpet cleaning service, choose one that focuses on high pressure and high heat. Both factors are needed to clear away fleas and any surviving eggs. 

Carpet Beetles

In their natural environment, carpet beetles don't pose any issues. When they encounter fabrics such as silk and wool, they eventually wreak havoc. It may be the case that you already have carpet beetles in your home. If you regularly keep your carpet clean, they shouldn't cause an issue. However, they do thrive in unsanitary environments, especially if they stumble across pet urine. As such, if you're a pet owner you should regularly use a carpet cleaning service to ensure any lingering carpet beetles don't become problematic.


Despite their names, bedbugs can cause issues in locations other than your bed. If your home is clean, you're unlikely to encounter them from there alone. However, if you or a guest visit a location where bedbugs are prevalent, you may bring them in without warning. Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to combat when you don't use the right tools. High-pressure washing and high temperatures are usually necessary to kill them off and free yourself from their eggs. If you start to notice the signs of bed bugs, a hot deep clean of your carpets is an essential and meticulous part of your anti-bedbug strategy.


Moths are usually big enough for you to spot. However, you may not see their eggs, particularly if they're nestled deep within the fibres of your carpet. Signs of a moth infestation include holes in garments and textiles and unusual shedding of textiles. If you suspect moths have laid eggs around your home, you should use a carpet cleaning service to rid yourself of any hidden eggs. 

In order to get rid of these pests, contact a professional carpet cleaning service today.