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4 Reasons You Should Choose Cast Resin Transformers

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Business facilities can get a reliable power supply by using autonomous distribution lines and other power equipment. One of the accessories you need is a power transformer that will hold and direct the voltage through the power lines. Step-up transformers boost the voltage levels and increase them to an amount that suits your business. On the other hand, a step-down transformer reduces the voltage to eliminate the risk of a power surge and eventual damage to your electrical accessories. Cast resin transformers can perform both functions and meet all your commercial needs. Read on for the top four reasons you should choose cast resin transformer:

You Don't Need Cooling Liquids

Traditional transformers use cooling liquids to keep the temperatures low for the transformer's proper functioning. The cooling fluid works for a couple of months or years before requiring a replacement to keep the transformer in good condition. Cast resin transformers are the go-to solution when you want durable and maintenance-free transformers. Manufacturers make them in such a way that they can use air for maintaining the right operational temperatures. The absence of chemical coolants also makes these transformers eco-friendly. There are no chances of chemical coolants finding their way into the environment and causing pollution.

You Can Get IP Enclosure

Often, transformers are installed in outdoor set-ups with prolonged exposure to water, dust and UV radiation. These elements wear down the materials on the transformer and keep them for lasting as long as they should. Thankfully, cast resin transformers can have ingress protection to prevent unwarranted access and keep harmful elements from reaching the transformer's core. Ingress protection comes in different types to suit your transformer's specific needs. For instance, the protection can shield against brute force in areas where the transformer is likely to encounter objects hitting against it.

Easy to Install

Undoubtedly, transformers are critical components of any power supply system. Any transformer that you can install with relative ease makes your life better, especially for repairs and maintenance. Cast resin transformers are easy to install and replace. For example, you do not need any blast walls during installation. The process is simple and straightforward, which translates to lower installation costs.

Reduced Fire Risks

Fire is an imminent risk when you think about electrical installation. Therefore, a transformer that lowers the risk of an outbreak is a welcome idea for any set-up. Cast resin transformers come with self-extinguishing and inflammable materials that reduce the risk of an outbreak or spreading the fire when it happens.

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