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Tips on Repainting the Exteriors of an Aluminium Pontoon Boat

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Today, pontoon boats come in a range of different construction materials, including fibreglass, steel and aluminium. Each type of pontoon boat construction material has its benefits and disadvantages. Aluminium pontoon boats, in particular, are very popular because they are highly durable, thanks to their non-corrosive properties. Paint coatings are usually applied onto aluminium pontoons not to offer corrosion resistance, but to add aesthetic value to the surface of the aluminium. 

Over time, however, the paint coating system on the exteriors of aluminium pontoons gradually wear off due to constant exposure to the elements. When this happens, a repainting job will be required so as to restore the visual appearance of the boat exteriors.

If you own an aluminium pontoon boat and you think it's time to give its exteriors a facelift by applying a fresh coat of paint, here's how you can successfully go about the job.

Move the boat out of the water

There's no way you can repaint your pontoon while it is still moored to the dock or pier. You will have to completely remove the water vessel from the water and move it to a place with good ventilation, so that it can dry well. Ensuring that the exterior surface of your aluminium pontoon boat has dried up fully before embarking on any work may seem like a small thing, yet it is so significant. 

Sand away the old coat of paint

Before you can apply new paint on your aluminium boat, the previous coat of paint will first need to be removed. You can do this by using a sheet of sandpaper specially designed to get rid of the adherent paint. It is practically impossible to completely remove all the paint, so do not worry if little rough spots still remain here and there on the external surface of your aluminium pontoon. 

Next, scrub the boat down with a stiff brush and soapy water to remove residual paint from the surface of your boat and let it dry.

Apply a primer

Evenly apply multiple coats of primer on the dry exteriors of your aluminium boat, allowing enough time for each coat to dry up fully before applying a subsequent coat. It is a clever thing to choose a primer whose colour contrasts sharply with that of the paint you want to apply on your pontoon. This will aid in spotting any exterior surfaces of the pontoon that haven't been primer-coated.  

Apply paint

Apply multiple coats of paint specially designed for aluminium surfaces on your pontoon and let each coat of paint dry up properly before applying another one. For best results, the final coat of paint should be clear/colourless, so that it can accentuate the colour of your preferred paint.

For best results, it is advisable to let a professional pontoon boat painter or repairer do the job for you. They know how to get the job done right the first time, getting your boat back in topnotch condition in no time.