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4 Signs That You Should Waterproof Your Basement

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People who have bought homes without basement waterproofing may be unsure about whether they should leave that basement as it is or have waterproofing installed. This article discusses some of the compelling signs that should prompt you to waterproof your basement.

Increased Asthma and Allergy Issues

Basement water problems often cause the humidity of the entire home to increase. This is because the water inside the basement evaporates and circulates throughout the entire home. As a result, dust mites and mould will thrive in the humid environment. Asthma and allergy attacks can then increase in frequency or intensity. Waterproofing the basement can prevent these health problems from arising.

Spiraling Energy Costs

It requires more energy to cool or warm humid air. Consequently, you will notice that your energy bill will keep rising as the water problem in the basement worsens. Buying a dehumidifier to fix the humidity problem will also put an added toll on your energy requirements, and the dehumidifier will only be reacting to a symptom instead of fixing the root cause of the problem. The best way to keep your energy costs under control is to install basement waterproofing so that the levels of humidity in your home can permanently go down.

Acid Damage

Have you noticed that the concrete in the basement is developing brown stains? That discolouration is most likely the result of acid damage. As water seeps through the basement floor and walls, it is filtered by the cement in those floors and walls. The minerals that were dissolved in the water remain within the cement and form those visible stains. Those minerals may gradually damage the walls and floors due to their acid content. Such damage may be costly to repair. Timely waterproofing can avert these problems.

Structural Problems

Excessive humidity due to water problems in the basement can cause exposed wood in joists and other sections of the home to rot. Rotten wood loses its structural strength and begins warping. The basement roof or floor can then easily collapse once the timber members are compromised by moisture. Similarly, the concrete may spall if basement water problems remain unattended to for a long time. Structural cracks may also develop. These problems can seriously compromise the safety of your family members.

As you can see, delaying to waterproof the basement of your home can have serious consequences. It is therefore advisable for you to contact an experienced waterproofing contractor in your area so that he or she can inspect the home and advise you on the best method to use to waterproof your basement. This will forestall any problems that may have resulted from the absence of waterproofing.